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Increase the passion and involvement beyond measure, with highly effective acoustic solutions, for both 2 channel music and multi channel cinema systems ... Given the often large investment in both audiophile music, and cinema installations, it makes sense to negate any nasty room effects with adequate acoustic correction.

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Shops, cafes, bars, malls - Attract and keep more customers with good acoustics, that go way beyond and further enhance aesthetic features. A good acoustic makes for a comfortable environment customers want to return to ...

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From speech intelligibility to musical emotionality, acoustic control will add depth, weight and meaning to services of all kinds ...


Room acoustics play an absolutely vital role anywhere where recordings are made - enabling recorded material to interface with the rest of the world accurately ...

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Boardrooms, conference facilities and meeting rooms all benefit substantially from acoustic control and increased speech intelligibility, making it easier to deliver a message ...

Dem room

The dem room is where things are compared & sales made. Good acoustics is a must to represent equipment at it's best and highlight brand to brand differences ...


Acoustic control offers breathtaking dynamics allowing orchestral performances to emotionally affect you like they were intended ...




Some of our customers …


* What hi-fi magazine
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* Mercedes GP / Honda F1
* Partners BDDH
* Cadogan Hall / RPO
* BP / El-Gasi oil field
* Marks & Spencer
* Royal Northern college of Music
* Classic cinema chain
* Tape gallery
* De-Lane-Lea sound centre
* Eton college


* Chris Rea.
* Level 42.
* Alan Darby.
* Sir Richard Branson
* Gary Kemp.
* Felix Dennis
* Sir Michael Caine

        and their comments

* “I’m having to re-listen to my entire record collection – the difference is amazing”  –  [UK private hi-fi owner]

* “You were right, the acoustic treatment exposed an electronics problem”  –  [UK hi-fi manufacturer]

* “The acoustics were fantastic and we were lucky to host two classical concerts. The musicians love playing there”.  –  [Pieve, Italy]

* “His patience, expertise and knowledge have always made seemingly impossible tasks enjoyable” –  [Private studio. London]

* The sound is fucking fantastic. The lads love watching movies, all we need now is beer ! ”  –  [BP oil platform]




Black sea audio

Noisy spinning …

With a raft of spinning bikes, a very loud music system, several grunting participants and a trainer giving encouraging commands, KX was quite uncomfortably noisy.   The main problem was the acoustic liveness of the space, effectively adding to the cacophony.   Simple high level and upper wall mounted absorbers, in custom sizes to “work around” the existing display screens and mirror finishes reduce the liveness to sensible figures.   While, dynamic equalisation and group delay electronics match the music system to the room and eradicate the annoying delay effects normally associated with sound emanating from multiple loudspeakers.
Now you can hear the beads of sweat hit the floor !

A home for Grand Utopia …

This space, by any domestic standards is large.  Around 17m long and double height.  To add to the acoustic “fun”, every internal surface is hard and reflective with acres of glass and marble floors.
Our quest was to get this space, not just a fitting home for the £250,000 Focal speakers, but, to give them an environment in which they could truly flex their muscles, without (all important) DSP intervention.

As we always would with a new build, we recommend and encourage the use of build/finish materials that will assist a sensible acoustic outcome from the outset, so half the “acoustics” work is done during construction.
This significantly reduces the need for final acoustic treatment as the “building itself” is fundamentally “acoustically decent”.  Cheekily this also means that, at least a proportion of the “acoustics” budget gets shunted over to the building contractor, where, any additional cost of material change is quite minimal – but,  where, the cost of acoustical correction later, could be significant.

It all started with a “looks for all the world like plaster – but isn’t”  specialist absorbent surface on the ceiling.  The only other treatment needed beyond that, being a “rear wall array”.
Neatly hidden in a 300mm deep pocket on the rear wall, and fronted by fabric printed with artwork supplied by the client,  the “array”  is a mix of absorbancy and RaTs bass trap tubes.  The back of the sofa opposite the Grand Utopias almost touches this wall, so negating it’s effects, particularly in the uncontrolled woofy bass region was quite important !.  In total, over 20 RaTs bass traps tubes are in use to reduce the otherwise enormous bass over-hang to sensible limits.
Lets not forget, a 17m long room has a low frequency fundamental resonance of around 10 Hz !!!!!!.  Now that IS a low frequency.  One which left to it’s own devices would bloom over all sound, and still be audible some 2 or 3 bass drum beats worth of rock music later !

Needless to say the Grand Utopias can now flex their muscles, and as the client hoped, no need for DSP, so, a beautiful, clean, un “messed about with” signal path as well.  It all adds up to music as the artist intended ……..


Acoustic array behind art

Acoustic array behind 4.9 m x 4.9 m art ...

Acoustic array behind art
Acoustic array behind art

RT60 outcome ...

It’s an image thing …

Our customer Mark was experiencing an annoying stereo image problem in his semi dedicated listening room !.

With everything “slightly louder on the left” it just doesn’t sound right, and of course, for a system of such high value – just isn’t right !
While the equipment could make adjustments for this, Mark knew he would always feel uneasy and always be aware of the issue. 
The cause was not the the system, but the room.
While it looked, and was, like a typical domestic room, with no really obvious acoustic issues, the difference between the absorption characteristics between the left & right side walls was enough.  Visually, you wouldn’t think there would be much difference between sound reflected from one mainly glazed wall, compared to the opposite plastered wall – but there is.





 Surprisingly to Mark, it wasn’t a case of the glazed wall needing additional absorption to “calm down” reflections, but the complete opposite.
The plastered wall needed more reflectivity, to provide closer matched reflection paths to that of the glazed wall.  The cure, simplicity itself, was to re position an existing mirror, and commission a new additional mirror, placing them both on the side wall, opposite the glazing .  With mirror’s  featuring in the rooms decor anyway, Mark had no aesthetic issues with adding a little more – particularly as he gained the perfect centre image he had been searching for.

It’s time like these where acoustic design will always win over guess work and always be worth the effort.

Black sea audio




Black sea audio

Cadogan Hall

Loved by record companies as a recording venue, the BBC as a broadcast venue and by concert goers as a classical music venue, Cadogan hall celebrates 10 years of sound excellence.

Resposible for the “performance” acoustics, we attacked the design in exactly the same way as we would a recording studio or home cinema – with emphasis on very tight bass control.
Using a vastly scaled up version of our RaTs (resonant adjustable bass trap) mounted on the ceiling we achieved two areas of acoustic treatment with just one product.
Bass absorption of the hall’s standing waves, right down to 18 Hz, and diffusion, successfully negating the focus effect.
Later, and subject to the results of a written questionnaire we submitted to the RPO’s players, the front wall (behind the orchestra) was treated, so that the acoustic micro climate on stage mimicked the players choice of acoustic quality, from other venues they liked playing at, offering good player to player and section to section communication.
The up side of this is that the hall takes massive, deep musical breaths adding to subjective emotionality and dynamic ability. The down side is that, if any one of 108 players make a mistake, the audience, not only hear it, but know exactly who did it !!.

Concert goers reviews

* Tucked away just behind Sloane Square, this is a gem of a venue. Designed as a Church, the acoustics are great, and the auditorium is intimate rather than cavernous.

* Comfortable and well positioned seating throughout then allows you to select the much cheaper seats at the rear of the auditorium which at around £18 are nearly half the price of the ones at the front but with very little difference in the view or the sound quality.

* Not huge but very comfortable to the point of quite intimate .The stage gives the impression of being very close and the acoustics were wonderful.
 Great acoustics in an atmospheric venue.

* The venue is comfortable, and I have yet to experience a bad seat. I’m no expert, but to my ear the acoustics sound good as well.

* I do love classical music and, in that regard, i find this venue perfect as the sound quality is one of the best in London.

* Fantastic venue and one of the best I have ever visited. This is a most beautiful theatre with fantastic acoustics.

*  The acoustics are very good indeed, you could hear a pin drop in the quiet passages.
 A very enjoyable evening, recommended.

* The natural sound of the strings and flutes filled the theatre well, creating some decent decibels without any electric assistance.

* The concert hall is really attractive – the classic shoebox shape, with excellent acoustics.

* Fab space with amazing sound.

* This is a good venue with really great acoustics.




It all started a little over thirty years ago, when, as a school leaver Karl first worked in a recording studio in London’s Tin Pan Alley.  After a number of years, and having worked on Grammy award and Eurovision song contest winning tracks he moved onto to freelance engineering and studio design.  Today, his experience spans just about every aspect of audio, from conception to final delivery – even on vinyl !.  It’s all about passion, getting the best and most emotionally involving performance from every space or system.
While, at home, in the office, at the pool, in fact, everywhere and anywhere, it’s about making the spaces we inhabit sound and feel comfortable.  Sound, made by a product, has a bearing on it’s perceived quality – like the still talked about reassuring clunk of a VW golf door and the fact that modern washing machines are far quieter does actually get noticed.  It’s the same for our lived in spaces, recreation spaces, restaurants and so on.  A good acoustic enhances our enjoyment of the space and makes us more likely to want to be there – crucial if you run cafe, just comforting indulgence at home.





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