Acoustic design service …

Buy by calculation, as an alternative to our “quick calc” simple low acoustic design service, or our fixed price full acoustic design service.

BUY BY CALCĀ  (or “bye bye calc” !!)

Falling between a full “fly by wire” fixed price acoustic design service, and the “quick calc” service “Buy by calc” provides the same high level of room modelling as “fly bi wire” and gives you the same, accurate reverberation time predictions. The difference is that you can buy just one reverberation time prediction to start, and further prediction runs in the future if needed. The service offers basic treatment recommendations, rather than a full acoustic design, with all the (some times unnecessary) graphical, tabular, and engineering drawings involved.
The reverb time prediction results are in the form as a multi plot graph (same as “quick calc”) offering, along with written recommendations, an easy on the eye understanding of the room’s acoustic performance.
The initial calculation run includes a one time set up fee, as our modelling systems require a large amount of 3D CAD input. Any subsequent calculation runs are bye bye2are significantly cheaper – more like a traditional “hourly rate”.
If you envisage, or we recommend, that you will only really require a few calculation runs, and don’t feel the need for a precisely described full design with technical drawings….“Buy by calc” offers a really good value acoustic design service, with proven accuracy you could “count your life on”.