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All design services may start with very simple room data, you may enter on a form HERE.


Quick Calc.  A fast trend based acoustic modelling service, with graphical reverberation plot results, ideal for initial acoustic quality assessment, or to warn of impending disaster !.  Seriously cost effective but still highly accurate.

Buy By Calc Design

Falling between “Quick calc” and “Full, fly by wire”, available  only to registered trade affiliates, the reverb’ time prediction results are in the form of a multi plot graph (same as “quick calc”) offering, along with written recommendations, an easy on the eye understanding of the room’s acoustic performance.
The initial calculation run includes a one time set up fee, as our modelling systems require a large amount of 3D CAD input.  Any subsequent calculation runs are are significantly cheaper – more like a traditional “hourly rate”.
If you envisage, or we recommend, that you will only really require a few calculation runs, and don’t feel the need for a precisely described full design with more technical drawings “Buy by calc” offers a really good value service, with proven accuracy you could “count your life on”.


Full (fly by wire) design

A full acoustic design service you can instigate at any point in a projects life, from concept to completion.  Although, the earlier the better, to avoid costly errors and the need to retrofit acoustic treatment.
Fixed in price, no forever rolling, typical consultancy charged by the hour nonsense – you know the cost from the outset.
No tedious time and money hungry site meetings – it’s all done “by wire” using modern communications technology as it should be.
Service runs from the point of being instigated by you, right up to absolute completion (bums on seats) no matter how many scheme changes or alterations during the projects development.
You tell us about any proposed change, we’ll let you know the acoustic implications and how to counteract any negative effects.
Full acoustic treatment plan devised and negotiated with you, the interior designer, architect, client, client’s wife or any one else you want “in” on decisions that affect cost and aesthetics.
Before and after recommended acoustic treatment results in both graphical and audio form.  You can even play sound files of how the space will sound to your team and client.
Staggering accuracy, “what we plan is what you get”, along with the best possible acoustic environment for A/V entertainment or serious music listening installations at any quality level or price point.

Prediction accuracy1

Multi plot graph


Real life before and after acoustic treatment example


The anatomy of acoustic treatment


Acoustic Design