We welcome both individuals and organisations as affiliates.  As an affiliate, you can legitimately re-sell our products and services, having purchased them at a discounted “trade” price.

You need to register as an affiliate using the form at the bottom of this page, and undergo some product training.  [See more info here]

Training normally takes place after registration acceptance and the first “order” or project we engage with you.  This helps us both to recognise the specific areas of information and / or product, where training would be of most benefit.  Simply not completing the training however will result is your affiliation being revoked !.

The idea is we work together for the common good, so we expect a level of seriousness, sincerity & professionalism  – hence the registration and training process.



We expect, not a ridiculous, minimum level of conduct of Affiliate members !

Affiliate member’s conditions

*  Communication.

For over 30 years we’ve found communication levels, in general, appalling !!!.

Mid email conversation questions asked, never answered.  Sudden long periods of no communication with no explanation.   Communication and / or information requests promises broken.

All we expect is common courtesy !

* Commitment to quality.

We expect our affiliates to, not just be interested in (as in talking about it) but take real action to increase audio quality for, yourself, your customer, your represented brands and the industry as a whole.  The idea being that you provide a better service, stand above “the norm” and add considerable value by being truly professional.

* Training.

To become a “full time” affiliate you will HAVE TO go through the horror of some general and / or product specific training.

Without successfully completing training your affiliate membership will be revoked. (3 months after initial affiliate member application)

Additional reading:  Definition of Affiliate

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