Assessing room acoustics …

Room Acoustic Assessment

For cheats, vagabonds and those that know that you don’t need expensive acoustic measurement


Get room’s “length, width, height” dimensions


Note major surface finishes (walls,floor,ceiling)
Basic room data may be entered on the form, right here


Take a few photo’s
email photo’s to


Measure the reverberation time

You can simply use an app like “ClapIR” on your mobile device – it, and others like it are free !!

email the result (should be a figure like 0.72 seconds OR 720 milliseconds) to

Check out ClapIR for Android @ the Google Play store

Assessing room acoustics …






Assess low frequency room resonances (standing waves)

 * Play (or download 1st, then play) the test tone track

* Listen at “moderate” volume !!

* List the tone numbers that sound “wildly louder”

email your “wildly louder” tone number list to





The test tones are all one second long, and increase in pitch as the tone set plays.   While you are listening count (in an available & spare bit of your brain) 1, 2, 3 Etc. with every pitch change.  Start counting “1” when you hear the 1st tone, 2 when the pitch increases 1 second later Etc. Etc.   These are the numbers we need to know, to be aware of the tone frequencies you hear, in your room, as “wildly loud” !!!

or download



You can leave the rest to us

Since we are insanely clever, that’s all the initial info we need to determine your rooms acoustic quality, and how to fix it, making it sound exactly how you’d like it to sound !