Audio optimization and the dealer / installer …

Speaking as an Acoustician professionally,  and  a music lover privately, I’ve spent around 30 years optimizing rooms for maximum audio reproduction performance.

During that time I could easily be forgiven for noticing a rather unashamed, wholly negative and dismissive attitude among dealers and installers to audio optimization.  Many, “market leaders” among them, completely ignore system enhancement and quality improvements through both general audio optimization techniques and specific acoustic treatment opportunities. Particularly in the domestic Hi-Fi and home cinema marketplaces.

As a band of self appointed professionals or specialists, complete with their own self praising trade organisations, it often appears that dealer / installers are neither professional or specialist in the spirit or manner which the customer expects or deserves.  They steadfastly continue to ignore room acoustics and general audio optimization along with the damage it can do.  While displaying a propensity to make really big fundamental mistakes, many of which I will expand upon as  “Case Histories“.
Mistakes that are not only in the acoustic ignorance domain, but due to a blinkered existence with zero knowledge or experience of equipment outside of their own marketplace.  As a result their choices of specified equipment components and system design fall a million miles short of truly specialist or even remotely clever. With or without audio optimization !.

The sure fact, that in general, they only seek assistance when all else fails quite is extraordinary. Why on earth wait until you have an “unhappy customer” until you take action beats me.  When, audio optimization would alleviate any potential “system under performing” and go a long way to representing their own industry, and brand names in the best possible light.

It’s also disturbing that treatment of  the “environment”: being the one single biggest part of audio optimization that can promote utter excellence or cause total failure, is viewed as very second class in comparison to brand hardware. Something which just has to be down to vested
interests along with ill informed and down right incorrect  views, possibly even “tiny minds”.