(1) An ever growing and changing collection of demonstrative sound files

Acoustics Demo.  A typical listening room before & after acoustic treatment R

Acoustics Demo.  A real life Marks & Spencer cafe before & after acoustic treatment S

(2) An ever growing and changing collection of technical audio files for various room & system tests …

Bass test tone set.   Use this file to see (hear !) just how floppy your bottom is.  It’s a set of stepped low frequency tones. Each successive tone increases in pitch by just 5Hz – as you listen, you will hear dramatic differences in volume. These apparent volume differences are actually caused by things happening in the time domain, which are due to natural resonances in your room. Room resonance, standing waves, room modes, call then what you will, they are real and screwing your listening environment and pleasure !.

(3) An ever growing and changing collection of real life bits & bobs, purely for fun !!  …

Infectious laughter during a long day in the studio.   Way, way, way back in the eighties, I engineered on the recording of a track, written by an upcoming musician/writer that worked in one of Denmark streets many music shops.   It turned out to be a long day, of female vocal recordings, to, just a “key board and click track”.
Don’t ask me why I elected to record the proceeding when I did, but I’m glad I did … I’m now the proud owner of the most natural, infectious laughter !
There’s a bit of “set the scene” preamble – sit it out, it’s worth it !


Mmmmms & Rrrrrr’s.   Back in the days of recording to magnetic tape, and after a spoken word overdub session, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to grub around the control room floor and paste back together all the edited out mistakes.  The finished vocal I may add, was just over 1 minute long !