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Virtually acoustic treatment free audio optimization with seriously enhanced low end dynamics and feel factor !

Feel the bass !

Base (to the power of 4 !) is a novel, certifiable acoustic & electromechanical specification for listening environments.  Primarily intended for multi channel cinema sound systems but equally relevant in 2.1 music systems.
It can be implemented at design / conception stage or retrofitted and requires strict following of various installation methods, along with use of specific audio components and their alignment.


* Reduced room derived bass frequency overhang
* Less physical or no physical acoustic “bass trapping” required
* Tighter, more involving directly conducted bass
* Less acoustic bass output required from subs
* Fewer problems with furniture and fittings rattle due to high output subs
* Fewer subs required (one !)
* Less bass volume to leak into and pollute neighbouring environments
* Vastly improved, more dynamic listening experience

The system incorporates very basic physical acoustic corrective elements – usually within the realms of slight changes to proposed or existing surface finishes and decoration. Purely, to achieve a sensible mid & high frequency reverberation time.
From there on, and for the major part, the “treatment” and “conditioning” of the sound is electronic, but includes one important electromechanical component. The “Trembler”.

The trembler may be just one component or several, depending on the room’s layout and seating arrangement.
It is a special electromechanical transducer designed to vibrate, providing both “felt” and “heard” bass sound to the listener / audience. They can be deployed on an “individual” basis: per seat, per sofa Etc. or used to affect a specially built floor section, within the overall footprint of the room.
Bass sound reaches the listener by direct vibration (felt) and is conducted to the ear through the listeners own bone structure, providing real “heard” bass sound. Base 4 pictBecause the “signal path” to the listener involves nothing of the room itself, the sound is free of the traditional issues caused by the room. The result is a far faster, more accurate and dynamic bass than would be possible with a bass speaker delivering it’s sound via the air in the room.
As a high proportion of bass sound is delivered to the listener direct, the volume requirements of the sub bass speaker system is reduced, in turn reducing the ill effects of room resonance, by a serious volume factor.
Further room resonance reduction is electronically applied using very high resolution digital notch filtering. Since the acoustic output from sub bass speakers is less than in traditional systems, this notch filtering is less severe, so reducing any negative side effects.
Electronic control completes the system as a whole, and provides precise time and phase alignment of both sub bass speaker systems and the trembler system. Without which, frequency cancellations due to phase errors between the two systems could result in a response worse than in a traditional system in a typical room !.

In nut shell …                     See specification requirements to meet Base 4 certification

* Basic high & mid frequency reverb’ time tweaks by surface finish adaptation
*Addition or inclusion of Trembler system to existing or proposed system
*Addition or inclusion of notch filter conditioner and time alignment components to existing or proposed system.

If you want serious “slam” with enhanced musicality, blindingly fast dynamics and incredible audience involvement … Base 4 is it !!