Bespoke UTAM

Using our in house 3d  (both destructive & additive) machine tools, it’s relatively easy for us to provide UTAM modules of any shape, specifically to fit your particular table/s …


If you’ve got lots of similar tables, maybe in more than one outlet, it makes sense to have modules specially made to fit.  Fewer actual modules to fit, fewer fixings, & better surface coverage for less work !.


Bespoke, means bespoke !.  Not just module shape, but whether and how “framed” along with fixing method.

Standard UTAM’s (those little blue triangles) are designed as a “mash” fit, to be arranged on any size / shape of table, with any leg or column support design and layout, while getting good surface coverage.  However, since they are “little triangles” carrying very little weight they are “frame less”.  Larger modules generally require some sort of internal or external frame to give both support and fixing opportunities.  We can make frames a variety of ways in a number of materials or, even retain a “fabric only, soft edge” module using an external “template” style fixing plate.

Bespoke UTAM

Destructive 3d machining – not environmentally our 1st choice, but sometimes necessary !