Crazy Reverberation

Here, we have a classic example of a newly built room, destined to be a home cinema, with a natural reverberation time so long, and of such a wide frequency range that it’s well beyond ANY form of electronic trickery (treatment).

reverb time graph.jpg

As you can see from the red trace, the reverberation time was originally up in the one and a half second region.  Any owner contemplating a cinema or two channel system in the room without some form of treatment needs a doctor pretty quick, any installer contemplating spending the clients money on equipment for this room on his behalf, without some thought to acoustics, needs shooting, any one that fails to see the point being made, needs to call me immediately !!!.

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Of course I’m also kind of hoping, you’ll also notice just how close our designed prediction and actual measured outcome was (blue and green traces respectively) !!!