Garden sound system …

Just completed, for one of our wonderful and crazy clients ….

An upgrade to an existing garden sound system …

Previously, inside this “thatched folly” lived a perfectly adequate and great sounding garden sound system. Based on B&W all weather speakers and supported outside the folly,  on the decked area by  additional an pair of speakers facing out over the decking. But, we want more !!…..

Thatched garden building

The thatched folly

Six weather proof mid / top satellites (hidden in the trees !).  2 huge sub’s (hidden in the bushes) and six kilowatts of available power later we have a “real” system !!!.

As ever, with 6 high frequency sound sources and 2 bass sources, time alignment is MUST.  Without the “benefit” of room gain at low frequencies, or higher frequency reflections the sound quality “out doors” is quite different. Time and phase alignment becomes really important to maintain bass levels. Both phase errors between subs and phase errors between the sub system and the satellites will negatively affect low bass and lower mid response around the cross over frequency. Equally, six sound sources (the satellites) in an otherwise anechoic environment will sound horribly disjointed without time alignment. It wouldn’t be so important in a room, where a myriad of reflections may soften and mask the direct sound’s time relationship. But in fresh air, all you hear is the direct sound sources !.

controller & amplification rack

controller & amplification

Our seriously modified programmable controller with it’s delay and continuously variable phase adjustment saves the day with “speaker by speaker” control. It controls time related issues,  frequency compensation, relative volumes and “system safety” compression / limiting – ensuring that you’ll never drive an amplifier into clipping.

The garden sound system just got serious !