Black sea audio’s audio optimization, acoustic design and treatment services are dynamically flexible, to fit your every need.

Take advantage of our unique computer modelling techniques for acoustic design, along with thirty something years experience of audio optimization, installation and design.

Existing, new, and proposed systems in any environment, for any use, at any cost can seriously benefit from a variety of techniques including: cables, mechanical mounting, speaker position optimization, mains conditioning, intelligent equalization and of course, fundamentally, room acoustics.
Even high end domestic equipment subscribing to the upcoming trend towards “single brand manufacturer optimized” audiophile systems will be improved by physical acoustic optimization of the listening space.
The fundamental condition: put a system in a room that sounds like a dustbin, and, while it may not sound like a dustbin, it certainly won’t sound it’s best, remains !

Black sea audio are in the unique position of having a wealth of experience from the very conception of music in the recording studio, through to it’s final “delivery” or performance, whether live or recorded and even on vinyl in the cutting room.
With this enormous cross marketplace product knowledge, we are aware of and make good use of components designed and intended for one marketplace for a completely different purpose.
With our systems and designs, don’t be surprised if you see a domestic valve amp pumping music into a night club, or a professional electronic cross over in a high end audiophile system !

We just do what we have to do to achieve a shared goal. To uphold the maximum possible quality and ensure the best possible musicality.

Should you be contemplating a project that cares about sound, sound quality or music, and aspire to quality levels way beyond those available from “system installers” or “acoustic engineers” with little successful experience of real music, help is at hand.

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