It’s about time …

Yes, it’s about time, that we took notice that,  it’s about time.

When it comes to music reproduction timing is everything.

At the smaller end of the scale there’s phase.  It might be only Infinitesimally small amounts of time, just bits of a wavelength long, but it’s time never the less.

Errors in phase can do enormous damage. For example, if the phase of a sub speaker and it’s satellite system are not the same at around the cross over frequency, complete cancelations might well occur. Depending on a sub speakers placement, with respect to it’s satellite system, the more common “in phase” / “out of phase” switch options may just not be flexible enough to get a decent level of coherence.

Moving up in the measurable scale, there’s “bass overhang” and “reverberation”
Both are room related, and have nothing to do with equipment.

In the case of bass overhang, caused by room resonances of the listening space itself, it’s quite normal to measure the effect is seconds. It could be 2 seconds. It could be 5 !.
What’s more revealing however is quantifying the effect in a musical term. For example, room resonances could easily cause one bass drum beat to still be audible, a couple of bass drum beats later.
Thinking of it this way, it’s easier to imagine the potential damage to musical pace, rhythm and timing, while also reducing the dynamic, that’s “slam”, “whollop” (or what ever else you may chose to call it), as the “bit between bass drum beats” which should be near to silent, is actually infected by sound produced by the room, from a previous bass drum beat.

Ask a domestic system installer what his plans are to reduce the effect of the first, harmonic standing wave frequency of your listening room’s length.
You’ll get an interesting answer.

As for reverberation, too long and everything is swimming around with near zero definition. Crucial “leading edges” of percussive and other highly timing motivated sounds get diluted by the wash of sound they become a part of. As a result those little musical “pushes” and “breaths” that translate into musical emotionality just get lost.

Ask a domestic system installer whether the room is really suitable to house the intended 60k system.
You’ll get another interesting answer.
And by now, you may suspect your in a field full of bulls.

Timing, both micro and macro really is very important to music reproduction, and it’s ability to affect us on a human level, as the composer / performer intended.
But what does the installer intend ???

It’s time to take note of time !