Live by the Sword die by the sword …

There’s a phrase that goes something like this : Live by the sword die by the sword.

If you relate that to the world of domestic A/V installations, it just doesn’t seem to apply !

An installer specifies a speaker system for an indoor pool.
He checks with the manufacturer that a particular model will be suitable.
The manufacturer says that it will be fine.
The system is duly installed.
On completion the client complains, as the sound quality is quite simply a joke.

Seemingly, as if nothing had happened, every one in the supply and install chain just carry on. Albeit after a brief fudge around with the disappointed customer where a lot of responsibility shifting and blame passing occurs.

When, what actually happened was an ill informed incorrect and incomplete job, resulting in, at best mediocrity with no apparent evidence of anyone taking responsibility for their actions (or inaction’s).

It looks like, “live by the sword, die by the sword” needs re writing … perhaps
“Live by the sword, but if you cock-up, blame some one else and carry on living by the sword”