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Combat noise in eateries with UTAM – Under Table Absorption Modules
It’s an all too common issue, in bars, cafes & restaurants.
Noise :  The clatter of cutlery, whirring chiller cabinets, gurgling coffee machines all add to the cacophony of “background” noise that inhibits your customers conversation – and hence, enjoyment.
But now, there’s a way to make your venue sound just as appealing as it looks and tastes, using our unique sound absorption for cafes and restaurants system.

There’s more than one way to kill a cat, and there’s no one sure method for every situation. However, plain simple sound absorption remains, probably the simplest and most cost effective solution.  Traditionally though, sound absorption for cafes and restaurants has meant relatively large areas of surface treatment, more often than not, with a fabric finish of some kind.  Both the surface area taken up, and the use of “soft furnishings” are of course not ideal for any food / drink outlet.
A Solution …
Tuck some absorption, out of sight and out of mind, but not out of the range of the “noise” – under the table !.
A significant portion of noise is reflected upwards from the floor. An equally significant portion of that, is reflected from the underside of a table back into the room.
Cost effective “retro fit”
Both quick and simple to fit, there’s no need for any turnover destructive “down time” – simply fix our UTAM’s (Under Table Absorption Modules) to the underside and unseen table surface.

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