Richter 4

Richter 4


Richter 4

Earth moving bass delivered straight to your body



Richter 4

Bass, a fundamental of life. Something we all feel all the time.

Now, feel the bass content of music and movie, in the comfort of your own home, adding considerable realism, size and weight to any performance, without additional traditional speakers.
Bass, which you sense through both: “feeling vibration” and “hearing sound” delivered straight to your body. Rather than from loudspeaker to ear through the air.

The quickest, cleanest signal path on the planet !!


In the beginning

There was “bass shaker” technology, designed for amusement park rides and simulators.
As you might expect it was wild and violent, not lending itself to the subtleties of music !
In fact, while the transducer technology is quite solid and perfectly good, the effect in a  cinema or music listening room is nothing more or less than “flighty”, “over the top” and audibly destructive rather than enhancing..
You can’t blame the shaker industry for that, after all it was intended to replicate an A320 in extreme turbulence !

Richter 4

But, it’s been tamed …

Being the firm believers in “control” that we are, we’ve designed our own DSP and amplification systems to make bass, delivered directly to your body, through furniture or entire floors, completely and utterly appropriate to music production. Adding insane amounts of realism and “feel good” to any performance, from any system, in any environment.


Bass from traditional loudspeakers takes time (T1) to get to our ears – not long I grant you, but it still takes time.
Bass delivered direct to your body gets to us instantly (T2).

The first part of our DSP control therefore, delays the direct bass, so you hear sound from the speakers and feel the low frequency vibration at exactly the same time. Not just “at the same time” but also “in phase” – if the vibrations were not in phase with the sound from the speakers, cancellations would occur resulting in a very “ragged” bass response.


bass timing diagram

The second fundamental part of our control system removes system resonance.  This is really important, as every “seat”, whether sofa or chair, and every floor structure has different resonant frequencies.  Left to their own devices, these would cause massive peaks in the response as well as uncomfortable “wobbly” overhangs which would feel as if they had nothing to do with the sound.  And of course they wouldn’t !.  Everything to do with the furniture or floor, but nothing to do with the sound as such.


And then there’s Volume


Lastly, our DSP controls volume.  Much like an “automatic gain control”,  it stops the vibration content becoming too much, disproportionate and possibly furniture destructive (!!!) at loud listening levels, while maintains (turns up a bit) the vibrations at very low listening levels, so that your not suddenly left high and dry without any “feel”.


Richter 4


Our systems are complete …

Transducers : Physically large diameter / low profile for best energy transfer & relatively low power, used in multiples for best energy balance.
Controller : Pre programmed DSP
Amplifiers : German made,  modified for direct bass systems, and including a built in crossover to control any potential unwanted harmonics.
Just supply the cable between them !

System design …

Whether for a single seat or an entire floor, we’ll design the system, how it integrates with your host system and provide floor and riser construction guides absolutely free.

Setting up …

We can do that for you, train re-sellers to do it, or can even rent you an accelerometer for a DIY installation. In any event our DSP controller is supplied, pre programmed so the system will work straight out of the box.