sound absorption for cafes and restaurants


Invisible sound absorption

for cafes and restaurants

Hidden under the table !!!



It’s an all too common issue, in bars, cafes & restaurants.
Noise :  The clatter of cutlery, whirring chiller cabinets, gurgling coffee machines all add to the cacophony of “background” noise that inhibits your customers conversation – and hence, enjoyment.

It’s a fine line between an atmospheric buzz :- a sense of “all happening” and an intrusive annoying noise level just waiting to drive your customers elsewhere.

But now, there’s a way to make your venue sound just as appealing as it looks and tastes, using our unique sound absorption for cafes and restaurants system.





The Treatment Issue …

There’s more than one way to kill a cat, and there’s no one sure method for every situation. However, plain simple sound absorption remains, probably the simplest and most cost effective solution.  Traditionally though, sound absorption for cafes and restaurants has meant relatively large areas of surface treatment, more often than not, with a fabric finish of some kind.  Both the surface area taken up, and the use of “soft furnishings” are of course not ideal for any food / drink outlet.

A Solution …

Tuck some absorption, out of sight and out of mind, but not out of the range of the “noise” – under the table !.
A significant portion of noise is reflected upwards from the floor. An equally significant portion of that, is reflected from the underside of a table back into the room.

Cost effective “retro fit”

Both quick and simple to fit, there’s no need for any turnover destructive “down time” – simply fix our UTAM’s (Under Table Absorption Modules) to the underside and unseen table surface.


Under table module jpg

UTAM’s are “soft” virtually indestructible fabric finished porous absorbers in a geometric shape allowing for “grouping” around any combination of table shape and leg or central support, while covering the maximum surface area.  The absorber material is non fibrous, non toxic, utterly safe and 100 % recycled.  The finish is a high tech fire retardant specialist fabric, washable to 60 deg and woven from 100% recycled polyester, having been diverted from landfill !



Noise Calming Results

Depending on the size of the space, number of tables and other factors UTAM’s may very well be a complete solution in themselves. In more “extreme” cases they may need to be just one component of a bigger scheme – but don’t worry, our embarrassingly accurate computer modeling will let you hear the result before anything’s even been done !!





Long reverberation and echoes make people talk louder in an effort to be heard – making the soundscape harsh and unpleasant



Shorter reverberation means less noise and a more intimate, comfortable soundscape – without losing the “buzz” of activity …






The plots on this graph show the reverberation time for a 6m x 6m cafe.  The space has painted plastered walls, and a tiled floor, so it’s naturally noisy and reverberant. 
There are just 3 tables that seat 4 people, and 4 that seat 2 people. 
They represent only,  just under 4 mtr Sq of sound absorbent surface in a room with just under 140 mtr Sq of wall, floor and ceiling surface.
That’s an acoustically treated area of just 3% of the room’s total surface …

sound absorption for cafes and restaurants

Further, under table absorption has less access to sound and noise when people are actually seated at the table.
Legs under the table partially mask the absorber from the nearby environment noise but provide a measure of absorbency themselves.
This translates to an automatic balancing and means the acoustic changes less no matter how many people are seated.
The result :- a pleasant acoustic in a space that sounds pretty much the same, no matter how many customers you have.
Comfort for 1 or 2 customers or a full house !!



The absorber element:
* Has excellent performance in humid conditions, acting as a hydro regulator due to it’s ability to absorb and release water vapour
* Uses 70% less energy in production than conventional porous sound absorbers
The fabric finish:
* Woven from 100% recycled polyester, otherwise destined for land fill



* Natural fibers, non allergic, non itch, no chemical irritants



* Euroclass E fire resistance


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