UTAM Price guide

Our ethic

Since our under table absorption modules are used in relative “bulk” quantity (even for a small venue) and, as we prefer to work on a “solutuionary” basis, with previously agreed and worthwhile acoustic outcomes, we price per project rather than per UTAM.

What’s in it

We include, with every UTAM purchase, a “best fit” module layout for your particular table/s, and, most important, an acoustic prediction.

Acoustic design / prediction

The acoustic prediction is based on our unique “Fly-by-wire” and “Buy-by-calc” design services.  Effectively, UTAM customers get at least the first stage of a Buy-by-calc design, which includes before and after treatment reverberation time plots, and aural demonstrations in the form of mp3 files.  This “design & prediction” is free of charge. That’s REALLY free of charge: there’s no price hiking of UTAMS to cover the design cost.  AND, purchasing UTAM’s is the only way any one will ever get any of our embarrassingly accurate design / predictions out of us for nothing !!.

Why ?

We do this, because it is fair … to let potential customers know, for sure, what’s going to happen if they invest in, and put their trust in our product. And, because it sets us apart from the many “acoustic” product manufacturers who have no, or very little idea of what a real life outcome is going to actually sound like. Often depending on pure guess work or “rule of thumb”.  See an example of “horribly wrong” !!

In short, we want to work with you, to make sure it’s going to work. We want to be happy, we want you to be happy. We and you, want your customers to be happy

Example Costs


  • Example 1:

    Cafe:  Floor area 36 msq with 20 covers, and UTAM treatment representing 10% of the floor area, or 3% of the total surface area

    £ 1120 + shipping

  • Example 2:

    Cafe:  Floor area 110 msq with 50 covers, and UTAM treatment representing 7% of the floor area, or 2.5% of the total surface area

    £ 3100 + shipping



If you want to continue, and fully investigate UTAM’s feasibility at your place, get in touch, and we’ll forward you a form, so we can get some details on the space, and do our initial acoustic model.

We are happy to also do this in “real conversation” !!.
Over the phone or by Skype …

In the mean time, upload a photo, we’d love to see the place …

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