Wrong kit right place …

The wrong kit in the right place …

Some of you may know that we, with  30 years experience in audio disciplines stretching from hit record engineering to classical concert hall acoustic design, have absolutely no qualms with,  wrong kit right place !!!
As long as it makes the desired audio quality improvement … why not ?.
In truth, the mere fact that any particular piece of audio equipment is designed for a particular use, in a particular marketplace, doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that it can’t be used in any other marketplace. Refusal to acknowledge this is as ridiculous as saying that equipment made in Germany, can only be used in Germany !.

For example, an electronic crossover, designed and manufactured for live PA applications, could well find a very secure home in, and provide a marked quality improvement to, say, a domestic hi-fi system. Wrong kit right place ?. Maybe, but it works !

Likewise, there’s no earthly reason why a speaker system designed and marketed to the domestic hi-fi sector shouldn’t be used in a night-club !. Wrong kit right place ?. Maybe, but it works !

I have to say it saddens me that, domestic system dealer / installers at best: lack general experience, and “world wide” product knowledge
and …
at worst: have minds so closed and eyes so blinkered, that fundamental equipment specification and installation mistakes keep being made.

This causes a “reducing to the lowest common denominator” effect, where the vast majority of systems are performing no where near their potential, and any sense of “something really special” is very firmly out of the window !.

wrong kit right place example image.jpg

Electronic crossover (designed for PA applications) and harmonics enhancer (from the pro recording sector) performing basic crossover and clarity restorative functions in a home theatre.

Wrong kit right place ?. Maybe, but it works very well !!!